Special Orders & Restorations

Custom Template and Tool fabrication

At The Mill we have state of the art C.N.C. custom template and moulding knife fabrication services in house to ensure exact specifications and the highest quality trim and mouldings. We can create a template from:

  • A drawing you have created to lend a truly unique touch to your trim project
  • An existing moulding that’s not available in Poplar hardwood
  • A piece of damaged moulding that you’d like to restore (Century homes for instance)
  • A piece of moulding from an existing room that you are expanding

From there we can scan and create a template file, which is then cut into a knife template out of Lexan. The Lexan template is then used to create the tooling knives required to exacting specifications. Once the knives are created we can cut the required moulding for your project. And once we’ve created the tooling for a particular moulding, it will stay on file at the Mill for the next time you require.

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