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Since 1969, Turkstra Lumber and The Mill have been providing the highest quality trim and mouldings for the Southwestern Ontario market. We offer a comprehensive selection of products and services to ensure your trim and moulding project is a success. Visit us today at any one of our:

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You can Build like a Pro when you buy like a Pro at Turkstra Lumber.

Poplar, Red Oak & White Oak

We produce our hardwood trim from premium or select poplar lumber to ensure that quality is the priority. The smooth, tight grain lends itself particularly well to painted finishes and because poplar is more durable than pine or mdf, poplar excels with applications that receive lots of traffic or abuse. Poplar is also favoured for its crisp, well-defined edges and profiles, so it’s the best choice when intricate or built-up moulding profiles are desired.

Similar to poplar, red oak is a highly workable and responds to machine and hand tools very well. This North American hardwood is harder than poplar but is perfect for staining or applying a clear finish to accent its beauty and attractive grain pattern. Its durability also means it stays out of landfills for a long time, which reduces waste. Red oak grows in abundance and is sustainable, which makes this item a practical choice for green construction while the appearance combines durability with absolute beauty for a high end finish that will last a lifetime.

Custom Wood Species

In addition to our stocked Poplar and Red Oak profiles, the Turkstra Mill has capabilities to manufacture profiles from various hardwood and softwood species. Some common types of wood that we are able to work with include cherry, hard or soft maple, walnut, white oak, birch, alder, and other exotic woods. Please contact your Turkstra Trim Specialist about availability of other specialty wood species that may be available.

Custom Profiles

At The Mill we have state of the art C.N.C. custom template and moulding knife fabrication services in house to ensure exact specifications and the highest quality trim and mouldings. We can create a template from:

  • A drawing you have created to lend a truly unique touch to your trim project
  • An existing moulding that’s not available in Poplar hardwood
  • A piece of damaged moulding that you’d like to restore (Century homes for instance)
  • A piece of moulding from an existing room that you are expanding

From there we can scan and create a template file, which is then cut into a knife template out of Lexan. The Lexan template is then used to create the tooling knives required to exacting specifications. Once the knives are created we can cut the required moulding for your project. And once we’ve created the tooling for a particular moulding, it will stay on file at the Mill for the next time you need us.

Custom Wood Grain Patterns

Our Mill is able to produce profiles from alternative wood grain patterns, which differentiates the appearance of the finished product. For example, the difference between Plain/Flat Sawn, Quarter Sawn and Rift Sawn.

Looking for Trim & Doors Products?

Turkstra Trim and Doors supplies expert material takeoff, estimating and full supply and installation of doors, hardware and interior trim and mouldings for the professional trade and builder customers.

Turkstra Design Centre
Visit the Turkstra Design Centre!

Located in Stoney Creek, our state-of-the-art Design Centre allows you to get a hands-on look at many of our finest interior and exterior finish products. Windows, Trim & Doors, Hardware, Siding and our new Composite Deck Design centre are all featured in our elegant showroom.

Trim Handbook
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An easy-to-use quick reference guide that covers a comprehensive selection of our most popular trim and mouldings. Most popular styles and sizes are available in-store or by special order.