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Moulding can serve both a decorative and functional purpose. Moulding can elevate your design
style from the ordinary to the extraordinary while also covering gaps and protecting your walls.

A light sanding is recommended before finishing all mouldings. For painted projects begin by
applying a coat of primer or select a pre-primed moulding option to get your project moving
quicker. For stain grade mouldings an application of conditioner is recommended before
staining to help prevent uneven absorption

Poplar or hardwood trims are more durable than man-made substrates, resulting in less damage in the field and on your walls. When milled, hardwoods produce crisp, clearly defined profile edges, providing more pronounced details and a greater visual impact. Due to wood trims being pitch and resin free, there is no bleeding or blotching through the finished surface. The straight grain also accepts nails and screws more readily without splitting.

Absolutely, one of the benefits of choosing Turkstra Lumber for your Trim project, is that we operate our own Mill in Smithville, Ontario. Your Build-It-Better Coach will assist you in measuring your provided sample / profile, and work with our Mill team to quote your trim. Knife charges, set-up fees or minimum purchases and lumber prices frequently fluctuate, so your coach will ensure that you receive the most accurate price for your project.

Unfortunately, our Mill is a manufacturing facility and is not open to the public. Our products are available at all Turkstra Lumber locations.

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An easy-to-use quick reference guide that covers a comprehensive selection of our most popular trim and mouldings. Most popular styles and sizes are available in-store or by special order.